Thursday, May 2, 2013

Planet Play

I'd heard about Planet Play, a new "fun" place located in the VH Factory Outlet in Draper. I'd even bought a "deal" for them before, but didn't end up making it in before they expired.  I did go ahead and jump on the "Pass of all Passes" deal (it was $29, but you got a $20 giftcard back, so it ended up just $9), and Planet Play is one of the places on the pass. I'd redeemed my passes online back in February, and JUST got them. But it was in time to take advantage of the off-track time with the kids. Callahan had gone to work with Daddy for "Job Shadow" day, and got back in time to join us as well.

We played a round of miniature golf. They had these cute cutouts along the way. Callahan ... what big ears you have!  It wasn't a super challenging course, but the price was right and it was nice and cool and uncrowded. 
Then there was mini-BOWLING. I'd never seen mini-bowling before, but it was really cute. Small lanes and pins, and small balls (no holes, but they were heavy ... think shotput). I think all the boys enjoyed that activity.

We tried the go-carts next ... it had a height limit, so Colton had to drive with me (he was quite disappointed in that, but I don't think he would have reached the pedals). Cooper barely made the height requirement (and probably wouldn't with a haircut) but he did NOT want to try, even just as a passenger with me. He just watched. Callahan and Keaton had a few races.

I really didn't want to shell out any more money for arcade games (as they are not included on the pass) but the kids pulled the pouty faces and I caved. If you are planning on arcade games, you can get double credit on Tuesdays. The kids played some games, got some tickets and redeemed them for prizes. They weren't super impressed with the prizes (no treats, just toys).

There was also laser tag, and the boys played a game of that. I really need to get in there and try that with them. There was a little observation area and a video display, so it was fun to watch them too. There is also a buffet, but we didn't splurge on that today but probably will in the future. I do think we'll go back while we have our annual pass. It would be a fun place to take a date.

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