Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cooper's Court

Cooper has always been a basketball fan ... ok, this last year he REFUSED to play Junior Jazz, but he's outside almost daily with his little hoop and ball. We used to keep the hoop over by the edge of the garage, closer to the front door ... but not lately. It had been in that spot for years, I'm not sure why it moved. I guess Cooper just wanted more space, and designated court markings. He painstakingly drew a complete half court, and he has to redo it often, as the chalk washes away with the rain. He used his jobchart reward points to buy himself some new chalk, and also a new ball. He has his eye on a new hoop too ... although he says he doesn't really want it to replace this old one, he wants it in ADDITION to it, to create a FULL  court there on the driveway. Daddy would LOVE that (we already have two full size hoops and two soccer goals cluttering up the front yard). 

Yes ... the hoop is positioned directly in front of the garage, and that is a problem when it comes to pulling the car in and out. We do need to shift it over several times every day. 

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