Saturday, May 4, 2013

Other Off Track Activities

I've already posted about a couple of our off-track activities. Our trip to All Star Lanes and to Planet Play. The last week of off track ... (and it is the LAST, Keaton will be going into middle school, so no more "offtrack" time for him, and I've been looking in the possibility of transferring the two youngest to a school on a traditional schedule) we continued to go out and make memories and have tons of fun.

We started the week (Monday) at Chuck-e-Cheese.

Wednesday we went to Classic Fun Center. Keaton and Colton enjoyed the Blast Zone (Cooper didn't want to try it), then they all roamed around the jungle. Then they bounced for a bit, and finished off at the arcade. They turned in their tickets for a variety of treat treasures.

Thursday we met Grandma and Grandpa at Golden Corral for lunch. 
The kids LOVE the dessert bar. 

 Then we headed to NickelMania. There used to be one at Jordan Landing, but it has closed down. The boys did have a lot of fun there though. They pointed out the Qbert game (featured in Wreck-It-Ralph) and Keaton really liked this Star Wars game. He played it over and over until be beat the whole game.

The little boys seem to like just getting tickets (rather than the enjoyment of the game itself). They ran through their nickels twice as fast as Keaton (who was actually playing to PLAY) ... he had a ton of nickels left over and let the little boys split them up and use them up.

They turned in their tickets, I had to laugh when I saw that both little boys had almost the exact same amount (just off by one). They turned in their tickets for treats, a hacky sack and other little toys.

Ready to go back on track and finish up the school year!

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