Monday, November 19, 2012

Gray B-Day

Happy Birthday to Grayson! On Saturday, I took Grayson out to dinner at Market Street Grill (I mean I made him choose the place, drive and pay ... but I went with him). The raspberry almond torte is a favorite dessert for him.  

His actual birthday was Monday, and the whole family went out to Red Robin for dinner (Callahan even chose us over going to his basketball game, not that he could have played in his boot anyway, but it's still rare for him to miss anything basketball). 

We skipped dessert at the restaurant and (after a little break to let dinner digest) we presented Gray with cake, lemon jello, a family/Gray favorite. I didn't put 43 candles on the cake, I put 4 and 3 (a little easier). Just like he did for mine, I stuck some "trick" relighting candles on. But the trick was on me ... 

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