Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Wrap-Up

Bye Bye Swing Set
Time for my monthly wrap up of miscellaneous pictures that didn't make their own, individual blog post... starting with the swing set. Many years ago we purchased this nice set for the back yard. We put down plastic and soft-fall under it ... over the years, the weeds proved much more persistent than the plastic, and it was basically a weed patch with the swing set in the middle. It did still get used, occasionally ... but I wondered if we might use the space for something else (backyard basketball, a tramp, I even considered an above ground pool as the boys had LOVED one our neighbors had a couple years ago, but Gray nixed that right off). I simply mentioned to Gray that we could probably be done with the swing set and  FIVE minutes later it was listed on KSL, sold, disassembled and awaiting pickup in the front yard. I was a little sad to see it go ... but the kids probably did play more on it that day (in pieces in the front yard) than they had in the past year *Ü*  Callahan was gone to a scout overnighter and it wasn't until a week or two later that he was putting the lawn mower away and came back scratching his head and asked "didn't we have a swing set in the backyard? It's gone!"

The boys sure cycle through their toys ... I don't know that the gameboys and DS have gotten much action in a while, but they are suddenly "new" again and the little boys are back playing Pokemon a LOT ... the are MY gameboys!

Picture Perfect
At the Father's Day BBQ, I was manning the video, so I handed the camera to Gray and asked him to take a few pictures ... THIS is what I got (and a couple more just like it, just zoomed in a little more). NOT that this surprises me at all, but I WILL put it on the blog!

Callahan Creations
I've been making Sunday Circles (Belgian Waffles) for the longest time as our breakfast before or after church (depending on the schedule).  But for the past few months, Grayson's pancakes have become the new favorite "circle" on Sunday. No mixes for him ... he makes them from scratch. But on Father's Day, we couldn't have him make his OWN breakfast, so Callahan stepped up ... and since then, he has made pancakes (for breakfast, lunch or dinner) many, many times!

Baby Blackham
Clay and Courtney had their baby! Welcome little Sam!
(Courtney's blog post HERE)

Toe Trouble
I had taken Callahan to the podiatrist for some foot issues a couple months ago, and Landon said "Hey, he isn't the only one with a problem!" Landon has had ingrown toenails (but he so rarely complained or anything that it wasn't really at the top of my list). With school out, I took him in and they did the little procedure to fix them and prevent them from coming back. I had it done when I was about Landon's age. While the procedure itself sounded the same, his toes never looked as bad as mine did (I had big black stitches and discoloration and ended up with a staph infection) and they are healing well. The only bummer is no swimming for 2-3 weeks, right here as summer starts!

Scout Splash
And summer starting means scout camps! Grayson went with the Varsity group to Bear Lake. Landon is in the older group, Callahan in the younger group ... I wish they could have gone too. Gray said it was a lot of fun. White water rafting, ropes course, rock climbing, shooting ... and of course the Paracord made a big comeback too!

That's June ... onto July and more SUMMER STUFF ...

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