Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Flags, Floaties and Fireworks

Happy Independence Day!  Gray was on FLAG duty of course ... Cooper went and helped in the morning, and Keaton and Callahan (unwillingly) helped at take down in the early evening. We didn't have a lot on the docket in between, so Grayson decided to take the boys swimming at Maga's community pool. Landon and I stayed home (we both have had minor procedures lately that prevented us from swimming ... that and the 'burb was making a horrible grinding noise, so Gray ended up taking the truck, which only fits five anyway). 

They had the pool to themselves for the first hour or so, 
then it got crowded.

Back at home we pulled out the fireworks. We hadn't purchased any this year, but I had a lot of pop-its and sparklers left over from last year. Gray and Cooper went to one of the firework stands and picked up some parachutes, tanks and even some of the new legal aerials. They were actually pretty impressive!

Of course MOST impressive are our neighbor's fireworks, we have a couple that really put on a show! Grayson wasn't around for any of it though ... he was on an unplanned night hike of Mt. Olympus, looking for Livi, who had gone hiking and was now lost. Poor Grayson didn't get home and in bed until 2:00. Not quite the holiday evening he had planned, but Olivia did get home safe.  We did save a couple of the big fireworks to do with Daddy the next night.

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