Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paracord Projects

Have you heard of Paracord? Until a few weeks ago, I hadn't ever heard of the stuff, but now, it has completely overrun the Blackham household! Several years ago, Grayson invested in some boondoggle, introducing it to the scouts during campouts. While it had been a hit, he wanted something new this year ... and he discovered paracord. It is a nylon rope originally used for parachutes during World War II ... now one of it's uses is for crafts. It can be woven or braided into bracelets or lanyards, and let me tell you, the kids think they are pretty darn cool!

It took a while for Grayson to even find the stuff, none of the local craft stores carried it. He finally ordered some online and it took forever to come. But once in hand, the kids (and Grayson) went a little crazy! Paracord Passion took over. Every time I turned around, Gray or the kids were looking up websites finding new weaves and projects. The kids would be busy working on wristbands and showing off their completely work. We did find a couple stores that did carry paracord in every color imaginable (Smith and Edwards, Army Surplus) and it wasn't long until WE had lengths of colored cord which soon made it's way into a variety of wristbands, not only for MY boys, but for pretty much all the neighbor kids as well. I'd come home to find a dozen or so kids gathered around Grayson in the garage ... and he has yet to even introduce the stuff to the scouts!

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