Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Catch-Up

Just a few random pictures from July ... it has been HOT! Our a/c has a hard time keeping up. Gray pulled this big fan to help move some of the air from the cooler side of the house to the hotter side of the house. At times I'd just find the kids camped out in front of it.

The Columbia kids had "Back to School Night" over at the elementary. Keaton will be in 6th, Cooper in 3rd, and Colton in 1st. We met the teachers and saw their classrooms. They still have a few more weeks of summer before they have to go back.

We have had some ducks up at the canal at the entrance of our neighborhood like last year. We've only been to feed them once, but they are very used to people and came right up when we stopped by. The boys got them eating right out of their hands.

It's been well over a year since we rearranged the rooms and Keaton moved to the downstairs bedroom. He tried sleeping on the top bunk a time or two, but then I'd find him back upstairs, in the bed with his two little brothers. This went on for a long time. This month, finally, he has actually started sleeping in his own bed! 

That's July ...

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