Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Did you know you can read BOOKS on your Ipod? Of course you did! Everyone knows that, right? I knew it too, but I'm a little resistant to trying new things. I kept insisting that I'm just a PHYSICAL girl, I like to hold the book in my hand and turn the pages ... although I had to admit that some hardcovers were quite heavy, and BIG books were difficult to handle especially at the beginning and end, when so many pages were pushed to one side. Of course Gray and the boys were more digitally inclined, but as we'd purchase some digital books here and there, I was not at all impressed with the prices (although the instant gratification was nice, no trip to the store or wait for shipping). I knew the library offered digital downloads, but it looked a little complicated and I just didn't really have the desire to figure it out.

Grayson bought the NOOK when it first came out. It actually didn't take ... it's currently sitting in a drawer, where it has been for a looooong time. This just reinforced my belief that actual physical books are better. It was defective (which happened while still under warranty, but we never got around to taking it in), needs to be charged, now the books purchased on it can't be read, loaned or resold, as you could with actual physical books ...

While the Nook left us unsatisfied, we have Ipods in abundance. We are an APPLE family. We have more Ipod's than we do family members. We have an Ipad (actually, more than one). Landon, when REQUIRED to read, did ask for a digital version that he could read on the Ibooks app. I also knew there were Nook and Kindle apps for the Ipod, but I just never got around to looking into them.

Then, Grayson bought the new Kindle Fire.

I actually haven't played with the Kindle Fire yet ... but for some reason, this inspired me to put the Kindle app on my Ipod. I glanced through Amazon's offerings and downloaded one of the free books. It was really easy. I was currently reading a "real" book, but figured it would be nice to have a digital one on hand if I was out and about. A little later while waiting in line at the DMV I pulled out my Ipod and started reading. I actually got a bit hooked on the book (Into the Shadows) and found myself reading it at home too. I found I really didn't mind viewing it on my tiny screen (although I did try a bit on the Ipad too). I never had to remember my place (it automatically took me to the last page read) and I could even get a dictionary definition on any words I wasn't sure of. I still wasn't sure if I would actually BUY a digital version over a physical one ... but there are so many free offerings out there! So for now, I'm stocking up on a free library. I've been getting a ton of YA and picture books too (check out NoTwiddleTwaddle for a daily list of free kids picture books, and Pixal of Ink for a good spotlight on free Kindle offerings).

Once I had mastered the Kindle App, I looked into the digital services offered by the local library. I downloaded their reader app (Adobe Overdrive) and another avenue of "free" reads has opened up. While I do love having my own personal library, most of the books I'm happy to read and return, not wanting to store them (even digitally) as keepers. The library offers many of the new and popular books, and you can put them on hold, just like you can regular books in the library. (You already knew that too, didn't you!)

I must admit ... I think I'm a digi-girl now! Out of the last 10 books I've read (and yes, I've gotten back into reading, joining GoodReads several months ago and seeing what friends are reading and recommending was a jump start), I think nine were digital! Whereas I wouldn't want to lug a book along "just in case" I had a spare moment, I do usually have my Ipod with me (and now I bring it along a lot more than I did). I love that I can read at night, without a light (so I won't keep hubby awake). It's so freeing, not having to make a trip into the library to pick up or return books.

I know the older boys prefer digital too ... as the latest Rick Rordan book becomes available, do I buy it in digital or physical form? I'm not sure the schools are willing to let the kids have their Ipods out during reading time (are they really reading? Or playing, or texting)...I'm sure this will become an issue in the near future if it isn't already.

... now I just need to make sure I keep my Ipod charged!

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  1. I love using a digital reader too. I was very skeptical when I received my first Kindle as a present, but I love how easy it is to bring my books with me and read on the go. Thanks for linking to my lists. I'm glad that you are enjoying them. : )


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