Saturday, June 30, 2012

Neighborhood Carnival

Every year there is a carnival held at the little park in our neighborhood. Mmmmm, cotton candy. There was also dinner and lots of other treats. Face painting, balloon animals, tractor rides, a fishing pond for the kids ...

Gray was in charge of one of the activities. He got a big piece of plastic for a slip n slide. As there wasn't a slope to let gravity help out, the older boys took turns running up and down the sides holding a bungee cord that the participant held on to. It was a favorite. There was also a dunk tank and some basketball on the new court there.

... and there's always a pie eating contest. Gray was the announcer and Keaton gave it a go (but he didn't win). At least it was better than last year!

Callahan and I were a little late, as he had a  basketball game. Once we got there I didn't get that many pictures. Landon was there but being a typical teenager he avoided my camera. He couldn't participate in the water activities as he had a procedure on his toes and need to keep them clean and dry until they heal. Callahan, Keaton and Cooper all got dunked, but Colton was happy just to throw balls and be the "dunker".  Until next year ...

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  1. We throw a neighborhood party too. Not as big as yours but it's fun to get together with the neighbors. I LOVE your pics. Your boys are so much fun!


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