Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Rain

We've come a LONG way baby! If you're familiar with our family saga with Cooper and his weather phobia, you would know that a picture of him standing in the rain with a smile on his face is a HUGE accomplishment! Actually, he was a little stressed out when the storm hit, and had retreated to his room. As the other kids were in and out of the house, laughing, splashing, dancing in the rain and as the sounds drifted down to the bedroom, Cooper decided to be brave and check it out. I'm still waiting for big thunder and lightening to see how Cooper handles that, but I was very happy to see him venture outside in the rain and splash around.

Don't ask me WHAT Keaton is doing here ... laying in the gutter, forming a human dam as the water came rushing down? The kids were completely drenched, even without laying down in running water.

... and after the rain ... all the wet clothes, taken off and laid to dry on the railing by the stairs ... isn't that what it is for?

We had SUCH a soggy spring last year, and a LOT of summer storms (which I REALLY remember because of the Cooper situation) ... this year, there hasn't been much rain. It's been so hot that this was a very welcome change. We loved it ... even Cooper!

1 comment:

  1. YEA Cooper! It's so wonderful to see your child overcome a fear. Way to go! And your other boys look so happy in the rain. FUN!


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