Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Parade Preview

Every year before the Days of '47 Parade on July 24, the floats are featured at South Town Expo center in Sandy. While I'm certainly not one to face the crowds and heat to watch the actual parade, I've really enjoyed checking out the floats in this free, airconditioned environment. This is the third year in a row we've attended. Two years ago (2010), it was just me and Cooper. Last year (2011) it was the entire family although no one but me had wanted to be there (which actually made it not very fun for me either) ... this  year Colton and Cooper agreed to come. We met up with our friends (the DiFran Family).  I laughed a little, as both little boys wanted to bring their gameboys. Marc had his as well! It was rather funny to see them trying to walk, watch and play all at the same time. The games did come in handy as we stood in line for some face painting.

 I thought this train was cute ...

The boys always like the "U" float, 
and it matched Cooper's clothes (and face painting).

... puffy clouds ...

 ... this float just looked yummy *Ü*
Ice cream, cake and candy ... supersized!
The boys said it was their favorite.

 But when the float from Megaplex actually offered popcorn to eat,
it became the favorite.

It was still a bit crowded, but NOTHING like the parade route will be.
It was good enough for me.

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