Wednesday, July 11, 2012

$5 "free" Slurpees

I should have known better ... I usually avoid "free" days. There are always crowds and complications. But every once in a great while I'll give it a try and hope for a good experience. Not so much.  It was July11, 7-11, so 7-Eleven was offering FREE slurpees (a small 7.11oz size) for the day. I had seen a couple people post about it on Facebook and kept hearing ads on the radio, so I packed up the kids and we made a special trip in and ...

"sorry - out of free slurpee cups"
was posted on the door

... of course they still had slurpee stuff ... they still had plenty of cups if you were willing to PAY for it. After dragging the kids out and promising them a slurpee, I couldn't disappoint them.

Thus, my $5 "free" slurpees ...

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