Tuesday, July 17, 2012


While the other Blackham boys were getting drenched in a downpour (see the previous post) ... Callahan was safe and sound  dry, playing basketball at Gene Fullmer. He's purchased a month pass for July, and he's certainly been making the most of it! He and his buddies have been going several times a week and playing for hours on end. When I picked him up this day however, he came out with a FAT lip. He had collided with one of his friend's head (the friend's head was fine, I asked). Poor Callahan, it had smashed against his braces, so the inside of his mouth was really torn up too. And Landon kept teasing him about it, in fact when I went to take a picture, Landon said "I don't think your camera is big enough, you need a wide angle lens!"

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