Monday, June 4, 2012

The Birds Are Back

I've been meaning to post about THE BIRDS for a while now. They're Back ... last year I did a post about the starlings who made a nest in the cinder block pillar in the backyard (Noisy Birds). They did it again this year. I don't think we even peeked in on them this year, but we can hear them and see the mommy bird flit in and out. Walking to church one day, I also came across a mama duck and 11 little babies ... but although we've looked every time we cross the canal, we haven't seen them since. We were hoping to have another "ducky" summer like last year (For The Birds), we'll have to see if they still show ...

But there are plenty of birds around. The other day, Landon was outside playing basketball when he heard a "chirp, chirp, chirp" ... it continued so long, that he investigated, and found this little bird. Out of the nest, but unable to fly. I remember I found a baby bird a year or two ago and a little research found that this is a natural stage of their life, to leave them where you found them, that mother bird is probably around somewhere. It does seem such a fragile stage, so open to danger, it is a wonder that any baby birds survive!

More chirping lead to second baby bird. Landon did leave the bird close to where he found it ... one of them kept wandering out into the road though! Other kids found the birds as well and carried them around much of the day. We know for sure that one did not survive ... perhaps squeezed a bit by one of the smaller children. Last I knew, the other was still ok ... good luck little baby bird!

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