Monday, June 18, 2012

Westra Weekend

Wow ... it was a WESTRA weekend! The picture above is of the entire Westra clan (missing Shane who was on a business trip, and Alyssa who is on a humanitarian visit to India). I think this was the biggest picture in a while though! The Jensen family doesn't always make it up for the annual Father's Day BBQ at Scott and Amy's house, but they were around this year, as there was a LOT of family stuff going on! Before the get-together on Sunday there was ...

Chris and Kim's wedding Friday night. Gray and I left the boys at home (Colton had his final soccer game, and I left Landon to tend, and once we were leaving two of the boys, we figured we'd just leave them all). They had originally planned on an outdoor ceremony, but it was a bit windy, so they quickly moved everything into the church. The relief society room was packed. We met some of Kim's family and friends at the reception and caught up with relatives we hadn't seen in a while ... but we'd see some of them again just the next day.

This year Mom & Dad have been married 50 years! We had a celebration dinner and Wendy presented the parents with a book she's been working on (a LOT of work!). She had taken all the old photos, slides and negatives and had them converted to digital files. Then she took those files and prepared a really nice book showcasing their life together. Wendy did a post on her own blog (with some pictures and a copy of the dedication) and you can check it out here. I put together a slideshow, a quick (well, it's about 13 minutes long) recap of the past 50 years (and a bit before) ... I've included it below.

... Friday, Saturday, Sunday ... it was a WESTRA weekend!

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