Friday, June 1, 2012

National Donut Day

Mmmmmm ... it's National Donut Day. We Blackhams feel the NEED to support this holiday (I think we missed it last year, but I posted about it the year before HERE).  It's Callahan's first day of "summer" (his last day of school was yesterday, Landon had his last day on Wednesday, not officiall, but ...) so they were both home.The little boys still had school, so Landon and I made a run to Dunfords (I made Landon drive, still working on getting his hours in) and got back before they left. Callahan was sleeping in though, and wasn't here for the group shot ...
... but he still got his maple bar 
(had to get two, one for Landon, one for Callahan).

Grayson sent an email from work, reminding me of the "holiday". There are a few deluxe donut shops there in Davis County where he works, and I'm sure he'll end up stopping and picking up some too. Mmmmm, donuts!

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