Friday, June 29, 2012

Elementary Ends

 While the bigger boys have been out of school since the end of May, the younger ones STILL had school through the end of June! There was the final honor roll assembly, and all three boys got the award again. All three also got awards for outstanding attendance, which was a bit ironic for Colton, as he was absent that day (I got his certificate and took his picture at home).  He came down with something and pretty much missed the entire last week of school! Poor Colton ...

 Cooper's Class ... Honor Roll Recipients

 Keaton's Class - Honor Roll Recipients

Keaton also participated in a play ... Snow White and the Seven Habits. He was a habit dwarf and he did great. I do have the entire thing on video, but it was a little long to include here. It was directed by Kristen Rowe, who went to high school with me (she was my Aunt Eller in Oklahoma). 

I am including a video below ... it's snippets of Cooper's 2nd grade program. This was actually performed at the end of May, but I just got around to getting the muvee done. I was glad I got to see him in this. The older boys were just finishing up school, and I have carpool commitments during that time. I was able to get the boys covered and spent the afternoon at Columbia instead. Here's the highlights ...

Now ... school's out for summer!

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