Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stacked Saturday

Saturday was a BUSY day ...
  • Grayson headed up the mountains for a 5-mile trail race. My brother Chris and his son Corin ran it too.
  • Landon went carp fishing (shooting ... with bows) with friends from the neighborhood. Landon "may be a redneck" now ... not because of the carp shooting, but because he didn't put any sunscreen on the back of his neck and they were out for hours!
  • Callahan and Keaton both had basketball games (at 12:00 and 2:00). Although Callahan's team lost (the opposing teams are BIG) both boys had good games with several baskets.
  • Then it was off to the neighborhood carnival, which was a LOT of fun last year ...
There was a dunking booth's Cooper in the picture above, anxiously awaiting his drop into the cold water. Callahan, Keaton and even Colton took a turn getting dunked.

Grayson had his famous water balloon filler station set up, and had the water balloon launchers for some fun flinging ...

Then there was the pie eating contest. I got some really great pictures last year when Landon participated. Unfortunately this year, Landon decided to have some "fun" ... you can see his hands in the background ready to unfold his evil plan, to shove the boys faces into the pies. As if they wouldn't get messy enough! I looked up at Landon RIGHT before and told him in NO uncertain terms NOT to do it ... he did it anyway. And he shoved too hard, Callahan was bleeding as his braces smashed into lips. Yes ... Landon is grounded.

We were SUPPOSED to go to the demolition derby as a family, but Grayson didn't feel like going after the pie incident and didn't feel like Landon should be allowed to go either. As we already had the tickets purchased, we ended up taking Travis and Jacob (and Bailey) as an apology for Landon shoving their faces into the pie/table.

The Blackham Boys probably had more fun having friends along (rather than just family) ... lots of crashing, a few flames, tires completely gone ... that's the demolition derby! It was a little long, especially for Cooper and Colton. I did learn from last year ... I purchased the tickets on the BACK row, so we could stand up, and on the end, so no one was trying to get past us. I brought plenty of water and lots of treats (of course the kids still wanted to spend money buying from the vendors there). We got home around 11:00 ... past MY bedtime!

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