Saturday, June 16, 2012

Colton and the Red Rockets

Colton LOVES soccer. He's only six years old, but he's now played on six different teams! He played on two this spring ... I signed him up for the rec league at Gene Fullmer, and then he ended up taking Cooper's spot in the WJ League (see Colton and the Green Gators). Like two previous seasons, we had our neighbors Bradley and Randon on the team, and I ended up coaching.

The games were played on Friday evenings, which worked out fine, as Callahan and Keaton had basketball practice (so Gray and I couldn't go out anyway, we tried shifting date nights to Thursdays). It was actually nice, as kindergarten games were the only ones going, so there was lots of parking and uncongested fields. Also, Saturdays are always so busy anyway, I'm sure we would have had conflicts if they had been held then. We had an undefeated season tie game, and a couple close ones ... and several blow outs.

We had practices at the little neighborhood park on Tuesdays. Randon's dad Corbin helped out a lot and even made a couple little goals for us to use. We ended up having a couple pickup games too (added in Blackham brothers, neighborhood friends, other team siblings, etc.)

 Gavin, Bradley, Randon, Ivan, Colton
Brandon, Giana, Mia, Peter, Joey 
(Not pictured: Bryce, Luigi)

As I was usually busy coaching during the games, I didn't get a lot of video. But I did get one game (having Corbin take over the coaching, which he did a couple times). Luckily it was one of our high scoring games, to I had quite a bit of footage to work with. Cute kindergarten kicking! Check it out...

We've signed signed up for the upcoming Fall/Spring League with West Jordan Youth Soccer. The little trio of Colton, Randon and Bradley will join several of the kids from Colton's Green Gators team, the best of both! While both WJ and Gene Fullmer have their pros and cons, the WJ league seemed a better fit for this next year (but I do plan on switching back to GF after that ... if the kids haven't lost interest in soccer by then). So I won't be coaching Colton come fall, but after three seasons, I think I'm ready for the sidelines again.

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