Saturday, June 2, 2012

Colton and the Green Gators

Once upon a time, Cooper was a little soccer player. He LOVED it. He played a few seasons, then last spring, he fell and broke his arm during a game. I knew that was the end of that season, I didn't realize that was the END of soccer for Cooper. I went ahead and signed him up with his friends again (for the upcoming Fall2011/Spring2012) ... he did NOT want to play Fall, and I hoped that as spring season rolled around he might be ready to give it a try. He was not. 

I hated just throwing away the money (this would be the THIRD season in a row wasted) when I realized ... I still had a little boy who LOVES soccer ... Colton. My original plan was just to have Colton take Cooper's place on the U8 team, but the league said he was too young (although he actually wasn't the smallest). They agreed to put him on a U6 team though (with several younger siblings from Cooper's team). I almost didn't do it (as he was already signed up with soccer with Gene Fullmer on Friday nights), but as it actually fit in with no scheduling conflicts (Saturday mornings were totally open this spring) we did it and it was a fun little season. Colton did great.

I made a couple videos ... the first is of the first game's highlights, the second, is the remaining six games (pretty much just the goals, although I SHOULD have also featured Colton's FALLS, as he had many spectacular ones ... all much worse than the small one that broke Cooper's arm.) And with his tongue sticking out SO much of the time, we're lucky he didn't bite it off! 

Colton DID dominate goals ... but really, he is NOT a ball hog. He never takes the ball away from his own teammates. He knows to allow space (therefore he is often ready for a fast break when the ball gets kicked free). We're actually going to stay on this team for next season, bringing on a couple of our friends from the Gene Fullmer team (I'll post about the RED ROCKETS when that season is done).

Love little kicking kindergartners! 

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