Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spring Basketball

Just because Junior Jazz is over, doesn't mean BASKETBALL is over! We had a very busy basketball season this Spring. Cooper loves basketball so much, and as he refuses to play soccer anymore, I considered continuing him in basketball over at the rec center. But off-season, the youngest group is 3rd/4th combined, and as Cooper is just in 2nd grade, I thought that might be a little too much. He had to make do with playing at home. This little hoop is actually the one that gets the most action at our house, by Cooper and ALL the boys (it's a favorite with the neighbors too)!  Cooper spent his hard earned money to buy NBA headband and wristbands ... 

Keaton's crew was playing in the 5th/6th division at Gene Fullmer. Half the team is actually 4th graders, a few 5th (Keaton is one of those) and just a couple of 6th graders (our neighbor Jacob was on the team which was a lot of fun). But they did great and had an undefeated season! I went back to jogging the track during the games, but did take one video and made a muvee ... so if you want to see the highlights of game 3, you can check them out HERE

Callahan's team played in the 7th/8th division in Gene Fullmer again - they had one 8th grader on the team, the rest were all in 7th. Most games were easy wins though ... one loss, to Brian's team (again). As with Keaton's team, I only got video of one of the rec games (game 3), you can see it HERE.

Callahan also played in the AAU State Tournament and the Spring Fling with his Copper Hills team. They did ok, some wins, some losses ... some TOUGH teams! I didn't make it to all the games to get video ... and then honestly, even when I did, some of the games there weren't really enough highlights to even make a video (ouch!) but there are a few muvee links there on the Hoop Highlights blog, you can follow the links above to those seasons and game links.

Callahan ALSO played on a Superleague team at Dimple Dell. This was our first foray into SUPERleagues with this team. Mason and Rowland (playing on Brian's Rec team) rejoined us for this. There was an upper and lower division, we decided to try out the lower division to start. It was a great season! Just one loss, then we made our way through the playoffs to go against the #1 team in the championships ... and the boys WON it! I did get ALL these games on video and made muvees of the highlights. You can see the season HERE. (Stockton and Rowland missed the final game and aren't in the photo).

So, onto SUMMER ... Callahan will be playing in two leagues again (GF Rec and the Dimple Dell Superleague), Keaton will be playing GF Rec again. Cooper is still a little young, but I plan on letting him try basketball this fall when he's officially a 3rd grader!

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