Sunday, June 3, 2012

Year Books

So ... School's OUT for the oldest two Blackham Boys. Landon wrapped up his sophomore year at Herriman High School, and Callahan is no longer a "sevie" at West Hills Middle School. They got their year books and it was fun to glance through them and remember when I received mine ... it doesn't seem all that long ago really.

Just for fun, I went through one of the boxes in storage and pulled out the year books I had ... I just had one from Junior High (my 7th, Gray's 8th), but we actually have duplicates from Cottonwood ( both Grayson and I went to the same school for Junior High and High School ... although we didn't know each other then. I did know Kolby quite well, he wrote "glad to get to know you" ... little did he know that I'd marry his brother a few years later.) The kids did have fun looking up Mom and Dad and laughing at the hairstyles and such. 

Keaton did ask "Were your yearbooks even in color way back then" and I laughed and said yes ... but then thought about that ... only a FEW (very few, usually 10 or so) were in color, the rest WAS in black and white. The boys are growing up, I wonder if someday Landon and Callahan will pull out their yearbooks and compare them to the ones their kids receive ... or will it all be digital by then ...  "Dad, were YOUR yearbooks actually printed on paper?"

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  1. Boy, THOSE look familiar! I especially like the blue one that was a mistake! :D happy reminiscing.


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