Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stuck in the Shower

I think it's a bit ironic, that in the middle of Cooper's extreme weather worries (he hates the rain) ... he has decided he likes showers instead of baths. Colton has followed suit, so both my little ones are now taking showers. I'm not sure if it's easier than just sticking them in the bath together, but ... ok. They usually take their showers in the upstairs bathroom. They have both learned to turn the water on and off, so I don't have to help out too much. The bathroom is right off the kitchen however, so if we have company over, the kids don't feel there is enough privacy (as they usually dash out of the bathroom in just a towel). So one day, when there was someone over chatting with Daddy in the kitchen, Cooper tried taking a shower downstairs, followed by Colton afterward. I had to head out for some errands, so I told the older brothers to check on the little ones, making sure they didn't stay in too long wasting water. When I got back over an hour later ... Colton was crying and the bathroom was flooded. Apparently, being a different fixture than upstairs, Colton didn't know how to turn the water off. So he just stayed in. Every few minutes he'd let out a little yell, but it was a while before anyone investigated. Poor kid, he was quite overheated, the bathroom was all steamed up and there was water all over the floor. We asked him why he simply didn't just get out and come find someone ... I guess he didn't think of that!

1 comment:

  1. How sad! Poor kid! I hope there wasn't any water damage done to your bathroom!


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