Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Day at the "Beach"

Cousins Addie and Will were going to the beach and they invited the Blackham boys to come along ... did YOU know there was a BEACH in Herriman? I knew there was a beach at Daybreak ... Cooper and I had visited the docks there last year, but didn't know there was a similar man made "beach" just a little further SouthWest. It really wasn't far and it was a fun and inexpensive day out for the boys (well, three of them anyway, Landon and Keaton decided to stay home).

The reservoir wasn't very big, but there was enough sandy beach for everyone, and there were several canoes and kayaks out in the deeper water. I forgot my camera, but Callahan had his Ipod Touch so I got a few photos ... we should have gotten one with all the cousins together!

Sandman Cooper

Callahan's Castle

So a few people have asked for an address ...
here are the directions I was given ...
Head West on 13400 south
Turn left on Monarch Meadows Pkwy
(the McDonalds is at that intersection)
Monarch Meadows turns into 4800 South
Turn right onto Juniper Crest Rd.
Turn right onto Emmeline Dr.
Take the 1st left which is Ashland Ridge Dr.
The reservoir is at the top of Ashland Ridge Dr.

There wasn't really any shade, so you would want to bring your own. There was an individual there asking where you lived, but it seems for now the beach is open to all (unlike Daybreak, who is trying to limit theirs to residents only.)

After spending a couple hours at the beach, we grabbed some lunch and stopped at a park to eat. It had a splash pad, so the boys got in a little more water fun ... sans sand.


  1. Looks like fun! That is a great idea to go to a splash pad after to get the sand washed off!

  2. ah ... but still so much sand in the back of the SUV ...

  3. My brother Cory lives a few houses away from that lake. I was bummed we didn't get a chance to go there when we were visiting. It looks fun!


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