Monday, August 29, 2011

Summary of Summer

Summer has come to an end ... looking back on the past six weeks, if I had to sum up summer, I think I would have to say July was for Jumping! Going to Jump 'N Bounce with friends was probably what Summer2011 will be remembered for. We went a LOT. We also discovered Fun 'N Motion and made a few trips there. We went to Classic for the first, but hopefully not last time. We did a few trips to the pool (Grandma's house, and once to KOPFC), bowling, the park ... but there was a lot we didn't do. No camping, no hikes, no Park City ... and no Lagoon, again :( The boys had their scout camps, and Landon and Callahan both got to go to Lagoon with school ... it was a good and busy summer.Aand of course PARACORD PASSION hit, can't forget about that! It was also the summer of jump ropes and hula hoops ...but not as much biking, as we had two bikes stolen from the bike rack in front of the house :(

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