Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Sports ... Endings and Beginnings

It's been a while since I did a "Saturday Sports" post, which isn't to say we haven't been playing sports every Saturday, because we have (three or four games each week)! Game summaries and videos are on the HoopDreams blog. Here's a little catch-up and small peek forward ...

Summer basketball finished up ... both boys were playing UP an age division this season, which made for some tougher games. Callahan's team only won twice, but they had some great games and it was nice to see them be challenged. Keaton's team only lost twice (but those were blowouts). Keaton ended up playing on a second team, in his actual age group too (4th grade), so he often had two games (Callahan was jealous!). Both boys are signed up to play again in the fall of course, but we'll have a couple weeks off.

Fall soccer has started up. I had signed up both Cooper and Colton, in two different leagues (hoping to stagger the games somewhat, which was successful). Unfortunately, Cooper has decided he no longer likes soccer, so I'm not sure if he'll be finishing up his season. His anxiety is in overdrive (both about the weather, and breaking his arm again) and he just looks miserable, even though he scored a goal in the game (and that was playing only 10 minutes)! Colton loves soccer ... I'm coaching him again, and we have two of his school buddies on the team too. They've played two games so far, and won easily both times. As this season ends (it's a short one, only four weeks) Colton is also going to play on a team with his cousin Addie, with Uncle Clay as coach (maybe then I'll be able to get some video).

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