Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back to Bear Lake

After weeks of planning, many shopping trips (save those receipts!) and several training rides on bikes ... it was time for the scout campout at Bear Lake. Everyone gathered at our house on Wednesday morning and they were off ...

Grayson took our bike rack and attached it to the trailer to make this handy bike hauler ... over a dozen bikes!

The bike trip was one of the main reasons Bear Lake was selected as the destination. The boys needed to complete a 50 mile ride ... and the distance around the lake was 50 miles (Gray drove around it to verify a couple weeks ago when we went on our family vacation). The boys did great! Grayson and Jeff Hansen did it again Saturday morning before heading home.

... and such a ride is sure to build up an appetite right?
Pizza anyone?

... but you can't go to Bear Lake and not indulge in a raspberry shake. We'd had some when we went two weeks ago, but Gray and Landon said this place was even better ...

After the bike ride was complete, there was still time for other activities. Shotgun shooting ... Grayson came home with some nasty bruising on his right shoulder!

There was still snow ... in June ...

They visited Minnetonka Cave ... and of course, Grayson introduced the paracord, which was a big hit with the boys.

Bye Bye Bear Lake

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