Saturday, June 11, 2011

Talking about Tornadoes

It all started a couple of weeks ago ... just days before the devastating tornado hit Joplin. Cooper, Colton and Addie had spent the night at Maga's house ... and Cooper came home talking about tornadoes.

He didn't seem scared or worried, just fascinated by it all. I asked Maga about it, and she couldn't really remember how or why the subject had even come up. She and Cooper looked up some videos on YouTube, and Cooper has continued to watch them (over and over again) these past few weeks. I went ahead and got him a couple books out of the library, and we streamed a couple Tornado shows on Netflix ("Raging Planet" has probably been the favorite). Cooper has learned a lot (how they form, the different rankings, etc.) It's been a few weeks now, and his fascination has not faded. It's expanded onto other wild weather ... lightening, volcanoes, and hurricanes (those DO scare Cooper a bit, but I could tell him that there won't be a hurricane in Utah!) So if you see Cooper in the next little bit, don't be surprised if he wants to talk about the weather!

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