Friday, August 12, 2011

Bouncing Buddies

Not five minutes from our house, is a warehouse of inflatable fun. It's called Jump 'N Bounce. Last Spring, we bought a Groupon ($25 for a family month pass) and used it while the boys were off track ... Unfortunately, when Cooper broke his arm (playing soccer, not bouncing ... although Landon DID break his arm at this very location several years ago), it did impact our getting in very often (we still made it a few times). We found that bouncing is MUCH more fun with friends, so when Groupon offered the coupon dealio again, I talked a couple other families into buying a family pass as well. So summer was FULL of bouncing with buddies!

The Blackham Boys and the Gunderson Gang
(and Travis)
Callahan's best basketball buddy has two little brothers, not exactly the same ages and Cooper and Colton, but pretty dang close. This summer was actually the first time the little ones played together, but Colton was thrilled. He said "I made a new friend and he's just my size" ...

The Blackham Boys and the DiFrancesco Family
I'm trying to remember how many times we went jumping with these guys ... at least five times I think, and the kids still didn't get tired of each other (and I enjoyed chatting with their mom each time). We had multiple playdates after our bouncing sessions as well. I think the DiFrancesco's sweat as much as the Blackham boys!

The Blackham Boys and R&R
In the Spring, I had mentioned taking R&R with us ... then Cooper broke his arm. I didn't figure Ridley would want to go bouncing if Cooper couldn't. Now that the arm was better, I followed up on my promise and we had another day of bouncing with buddies (this day was CROWDED) ...

It was a Jumping July... we certainly made the most of our month pass!

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