Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Camps

Scout Camp Keaton

Summer ... time for scout camps and youth conference. Landon's scout group had already completed their camp (check out "Back to Bear Lake" in the June posts), but as the younger boys were still in school through June, Keaton and Callahan's camps were scheduled for July.
  • Keaton was up first, July 11-12, just going up for the day... coming home SO dirty each afternoon.
  • Callahan was up next, Camp Steiner July 25-30. Grayson went up with him for the first couple days ... and ended up bringing Callahan back with him when he came home on Wednesday. They suspected altitude sickness - Callahan just wasn't doing well physically, and the two night were especially bad (he had one of his sleepwalking episodes too). Gray just thought it would be better to bring him home then to saddle the leaders with a sick kid for the remaining days. Back at home, he recovered pretty quickly.
  • Landon left for youth conference Wednesday morning (July 27-30). Grayson was only home from the scout camp for an hour or so, just enough time to shower, unpack and repack. He turned around and joined the group at Pineview. There was a lot of boating, swimming and fun.

I'd write a little more ... but I don't know THAT much about what went on. The kids aren't really that talkative about their experiences. I asked the boys to write about their camps in their journals. Callahan's entry (July27) was pretty good, but Landon's (July31) ... it's very "Landon". As Keaton's journal isn't here on the blog digitally, I scanned it in and included it below *Ü*

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