Sunday, May 1, 2011

America's Funniest (Scariest?) Videos

America's Funniest Videos ... it was a bit of a family tradition, we would gather on Sunday night to watch and laugh. That is, until Cooper developed a completely irrational but uncontrollable fear of the host, Tom Bergeron. Yes, that's right ... the face to the left would send my young son screaming from the room. If you are familiar with the show, you might remember when one of the showcases was taking regular funny videos, and superimposing Tom's enlarged head onto the subject. He'd make funny faces and it was supposed to cause laughter ... but for some reason it completely freaked Cooper out! We tried to capture his reaction on video, thinking THAT footage would very likely make it onto the show (I'll have to go through our old video files, I can't remember if we were successful). While it was funny, it was also quite sad. Ultimately, we gave up watching AFV, as if it was on, poor Cooper wouldn't dare enter the kitchen/family room area.

Last week, my mom forwarded an email saying a distant relative had a clip on the show. When Sunday rolled around, I went ahead and turned on the tv and for the first time in years, AFV was on. The older boys were laughing ... oh how I love to watch them laugh. Cooper came upstairs and we all watched for his reaction with bated breath. He gave a small start when he saw what show it was ... we encouraged him to give it a try, and he did!

Cooper watching AFV with his brothers ... it doesn't sound like much of a milestone, but actually, it is! We'll have to see if AFV returns as a family tradition ...

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