Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sports and Storms

Saturday ... time for some basketball! Keaton was up first, playing at Taylorsville today. It was a pretty close game, but our boys won by one! Keaton had a good game with six points. His highlights are here.

Callahan's game was a little later at Gene Fullmer. We knew going in it would be a tough one. The other team actually wasn't that big (compared to some of the kids we have and will face) but they were good! They made almost every shot, and our team just couldn't land many. It was a down game for Callahan ... literally ... he was well acquainted with the floor. His ... can't really call them highlights ... are here. Chin up Callahan ...

During Callahan's game, we heard a roaring above, like a plane flying low overhead ... except that it went on for 5-10 minutes. As we left the gym, we saw that it had rained (and hailed), quite a storm. Later Grayson and I went to Red Robin at the District for a dinner date. We were glad we hadn't been seated on the patio, because a big storm hit again, with heavy winds. The wind caught the water from the fountain in front of the movie theater and it looked like a hurricane outside! Back home with his brothers, Cooper was a little stressed out. I mentioned his fascination with tornadoes in a previous post, and at that time I said he didn't seem to be afraid ... unfortunately that has changed. Wind, rain, even clouds in the sky seem to scare him. Poor Cooper!

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