Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two Trucks

A few months ago, when Landon got his license, and school was starting, we wanted to get him a car. Not necessarily to make HIS life any easier, but to make MY life easier. If Landon had a car, he could drive himself to school, he could pick up Callahan, he could get to his work shifts and other activities. And it's always nice to have an extra car around, just in case. At that time, we toyed with the idea of Grayson getting a new truck, and letting Landon use the Avalanche. But then we Clay and Courtney's little Corolla fell into out lap, and that was a good fit. Until ... the oil light and the little car was no more.

So ... being in the same situation again, with no little used car falling into our lap, Grayson went looking for a new truck for him. It's a Toyota Tundra, it's not "new", but new to him. And Landon is LOVING the Av...

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