Friday, January 25, 2013

Oops He Did It Again

No one can believe it ... it's been just four months since Callahan broke his foot. After a slow, VERY slow recovery, he had finally been given the go ahead to resume physical activity (basketball) ... and he broke his foot!

I wasn't even there. Wednesday games are a bit of a challenge, as both Callahan and Keaton have games, and they almost always conflict. Gray and Landon are gone to young men's over at the church, so I'm usually arranging a ride for one of the boys. When Callahan first went back, I did feel like I needed to be at his games, just in case. That and it had been so long since I had seen him play, I really wanted to be there. 

This past Wednesday, Keaton's game was at 8:00, Callahan's at 9:00. Almost doable, if you don't count travel time, and we needed to count travel time as Callahan's game was close to home (at Elkridge Middle School, where Landon went), but Keaton's was at Bonneville (where I went!). Keaton's been having some struggles, so I thought maybe I needed to be there for him. I arranged for Grayson to drop Callahan at his game and told them we'd come straight from Keaton's, and hopefully catch some of it. We got there with just three minutes left (they must have started early!), and when it was over, I noticed that Callahan was limping across the floor. It was the left foot. He said "It feels just like last time" ... 

I kept him home from school (as he really couldn't walk on it at all) and was able to squeeze us into the doctor's office (the same one who had treated his broken right foot, our last appointment hadn't even been a month ago). They took an x-ray, and it did look almost identical. The exact same spot, the exact same break.

So ... back to the boot. He can't even put any pressure on the foot yet, so it's crutches for a week or two.  Callahan is really taking it like a man, but it's really heartbreaking. My poor broken boy :(

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