Saturday, January 19, 2013

Columbia Kid Catch All

 Well ... as of Friday, January 18, the Columbia Kids (Keaton, Cooper and Colton) are now off-track. It seems like just yesterday they were off-track, surely it can't be time again already! Here's a quick recap of some of the school activities these past few weeks.

It's Red Ribbon week at school ... Red Ribbon week is celebrated to show unity in the fight against drugs. They have special themed days. This year it was ...

  • Jan 16: Team up against drugs ... wear your favorite team shirt (you can see the boys in their basketball jerseys in the picture above, Jazz jerseys for the little boys, Keaton proudly wore his Copper Hills uniform).
  • Jan 17: Sock it to drugs ... wear crazy socks to school.
  • Jan 18: You would have to be CRAZY to do drugs ... wear your hair in a crazy style (photo below)
  • Jan 22: Turn your back on drugs ... wear your clothes backwards.
  • Jan 23: Hat's off to being drug free ... wear your favorite hat.
So with the boys going off track, they will miss a couple days of Red Ribbon week (but then those who were off track will get to participate a little too as they come back). Sometimes the "themes" have been a little hard to come up with something that worked, but I really liked all the ideas this year.

Here's Colton and Cooper and their crazy hair ... the boys DO need haircuts, but I guess it's good we waited, otherwise there wouldn't have been much hair to work with. Every morning as I comb the boys hair, I spray and gel Cooper and before I comb it down, I usually say "ok, you're done" as a joke, because it looks so funny standing up all over. Well today, we did just leave it that way ...

I'm also the room mother for Cooper's classroom, and it was his teacher's birthday. So I bought a cake and took it in for a little birthday celebration (this coincided with crazy hair day, just in case you were wondering about some of the hair styles). My boys had been pretty excited when I brought the cake home, and were sad when they found out it wasn't for us! Cooper still got a piece.

While I was at the school, I heard Keaton fulfilling some of his student council duties, speaking over the intercom to announce the winners of the weekly drawings (ICUs, star sightings ... Cooper was a winner that day too). While I waited to bring the boys home, I also caught him on safety patrol duty, lowering the flag.  

The week before last, both Cooper and Colton were awarded GOLDEN TICKETS at school. These are fairly rare, maybe one or two kids in a class get a golden ticket in a month. The school usually calls home to tell the parents how great their kids are (... although I must admit, when I see "Columbia Elementary" coming across the caller id I always stress out wondering what is wrong. It's nice to have it be good news, but I still have to slow my racing heart). The kids also have the opportunity to eat lunch with the principal and get a personal note from her. Cooper and Colton had their lunches a day apart.

So ... there's the catch up on the Columbia Kids. Now three weeks off track, relaxing from the routine, getting to sleep in. I hope they aren't too bored (especially as our best buddies the DiFran Family moved away. I'm not sure what we are going to do without them).  Landon and Callahan still have school, so no sleeping in for them ... or me.

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