Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Junior Jazz Player Appearance

Every year, as part of the Junior Jazz program, one of the Jazz players comes to meet with the various recreation centers and their little basketball players. In past years, it's been downtown at the Energy Solutions Arena, or at the SLCC Campus. The past two years, it's been nice and close, at West Jordan High School. This year, it was Paul Millsap appearing.

They did the traditional "see which section can make the most noise" thing. Paul answered some questions. There was a little game (clap only when he dribbles the ball). Then there were some activities ... calling down sections for a relay (passing the ball over your head, then through your legs), and some drills (stance, shoot and shuffle). Unfortunately, our sections weren't called down to participate. The boys were a bit disappointed in that. 

At the end, they did have everyone (and so it was crazy crowded) come down for the "make it, miss it" challenge. They would choose spots on the floor for Millsap to shoot from, and the kids would decide it they thought he would make it, or miss it (choosing sides of the court) and whoever was wrong ... pushups!

I made a little muvee to capture the night (the hour condensed to under a minute *Ü*)

They handed out autographed pictures at the end.

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