Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We are an APPLE family

I didn't buy this shirt for Grayson for Christmas, but I should have! We have almost every Apple product there is I think! Multiples of many. Grayson needed to support Apple when they introduced their latest line, adding new touches, iPhones and of course the iPad mini (x2 ... he preordered one, then couldn't wait and bought another the day they came out. He actually didn't like it and has returned to his regular size iPad). I do love that most apps are SO much less expensive than other video games, and one purchase can be used by everyone in the family. We still have our old "Classic" ipods in use (storing purchased TV programs for the kids), and like the old nanos/shuffles for music. Yes, we have AppleTV and an iMac too. We are an Apple family.

... this isn't even everything ...


  1. I think we need you to set up an exchange program with the Taylors...we'll exchange freshly baked bread ;)


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