Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back to Basketball

Callahan has been playing basketball non-stop since the third grade. Not just Junior Jazz in the winter, but he would play in leagues Spring/Summer/Fall too. This kid doesn't just LOVE basketball, he LIVES basketball. Often there would only be one or two weeks between seasons, which was just fine with Callahan. So after summer season ended, the five week break before fall season began was a loooong wait for Callahan, the longest he'd gone without a game in over five years ... little did we know the break would be much longer than that.

Shortly before the first game of Fall season, Callahan broke his foot. Now any break that puts you out is bad enough, but the foot, especially this area of the foot (a Jones Fracture) is just an unpredictable and slow healer. Every doctor visit we'd have high hopes, just to see no noticeable healing week after week. Callahan was in a walking boot for 12 weeks, and then still limited in his activity for another 4 weeks (no running, jumping). The break in September had left him unable to play basketball for the rest of the year.

Finally, we got the go ahead, and Callahan played his first game January 2 and had a few games with his competitive CopperHills team (first time in his new uniform we had purchased last Fall) and played some church ball ... It was a slow comeback. He was a bit out of shape from his enforced rest. I could see he didn't quite have the speed and agility we were used to. His foot was tender and prone to injury, and he struggled with some pain, first on top of his foot, then in his heel.

The picture above was his first (only?) points of the Winter season with CopperHills. For THREE! Churchball, being not quite as competitive, he had a little more action and looked like his old self (video below) ...

Again .... little did we know 

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