Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's a New Year

New Year's Day ... 2013! We went up to Maga's house for the traditional pastry wreath. Pam has been making this for over 20 years. It's pretty complex (layering, folding, freezing the dough, rolling it out, adding the almond paste center to each strip, rolling each strip, braiding them, just to name a few of the steps.) She's said at some point she'd like to have someone else take over to keep the traditional alive ... but no one is volunteering (well, Clayton actually did, until she started walking him through the process).

Clay and Courtney also introduced "dirty diet cokes" and other fancy flavorings. They take some Torani Syrup, a little half and half, your favorite soda (or some club soda) and everyone was raving! Clay says they don't drink regular soda anymore, and of course Landon wants the same set up at our house.

New Year's Eve was also fun. We had my folks and Pam and Rex over to our house. We had Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner, then played some games. Callahan and Keaton deserted us to go hang out with friends, but Landon actually stuck around this year, and we were glad to have him. Colton and Cooper enjoyed playing games too, we did a few hands of The Great Dalmuti (and WHO was the greatest Dalmuti ever? That's right, that would be me!) Then we played Rack-o Hi-Low, a card game I'd given my mom for Christmas. It was a lot of fun and I'll be ordering a set for us to keep. Then Cooper and Colton (and Grayson) drifted off to their beds, Pam and Rex headed home, so Landon joined my folks and me for a game of Progressive Rummy, a card game I've been playing with my parents since I was Landon's age.  

So ... a look back on 2012

  • We became even MORE digital, if you can believe it! Apple released the new Touch, iPad Mini, iPhone, and of course we had to try everything out. Even I have an iPhone now! Apps, music and games are a big part of Blackham life. Almost everyone loves Scramble (we got Grandma and Maga addicted too, they are now Scramble buddies). Even Colton and Cooper have games going.  I also discovered Kindle (and Kindle apps), and digital reading.
  • Tons of construction ... the grounds at Columbia Elementary were completely torn apart, the overpass at Bangerter/7800 was finally completed. There was work on 4000W, right in front of our neighborhood, it made for a very difficult summer. I'm sure there will always be more construction, but SO glad these particular projects are completed!
  • Medical mishaps included the family flu, Landon's ingrown toenails, Callahan athletes foot and broken foot, Keaton's wart removal and consistent cough (it went on for weeks! He had to stay in from recess as any activity would get him coughing so much he would throw up). No broken bones for Cooper this year! Colton had a couple long sick sessions (he missed the last week of kindergarten in the spring, and the week before Christmas) and had a few flu bugs (threw up in the car a couple times too). 
  • Lots of homemade ice cream this summer! I never used to keep heavy cream on hand, but it was a staple this year. I found it was nice to have on hand as I also discovered uses for it in Macaroni Rosa and Mint Brownies.
  • Coin collecting was a big craze for a while!
  • For family fun, we went to Snowbird, the movie "Wreck it Ralph", and of course DISNEYLAND.
  • Landon got his license and got his first 4.0 in school.
  • Callahan broke his foot ... BIG unhappy break from basketball.
  • Keaton started playing basketball competitively.
  • Cooper overcame his anxiety.
  • Colton started 1st grade ... in school ALL day this year.

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