Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ice is NOT Nice

Grayson had left to work when I got a text from him saying the roads were terrible. There was rain falling and freezing, making the streets and sidewalks ice rinks. I contacted Landon to make sure he had made it to school ok (he said the roads weren't too bad for his commute). I only had a small outing I needed to do that day, but just walking from the front door, across the driveway to put the garbage cans out was a tricky trek!

Derek posted on Facebook that he had fallen ... Alicia too. Gray also took a tumble.  This video was circulating Facebook and apparently went viral by evening ...

... this one starts a little slow but is SO funny at the end!

My mom had suggested earlier that I come out with the boys and we could go out to lunch. I told her that today was probably NOT the best day to try going out (she's just recovering from back surgery and is nervous walking out on the regular slippery surfaces usually around). Plus ... I was taking Callahan to the doctor (more on that later ... luckily he was able to enter the car from the garage and I was able to drop him off right in front of the covered building). I didn't have problems on the road itself, but as the rain would fall on the windshield and the wipers tried to clear it off, the rain was freezing, leaving a thin layer of ice that was difficult to see through. I'm glad that freezing rain isn't something that happens regularly around here!

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