Monday, February 4, 2013

Junior Jazz Colton

When Junior Jazz signups came around ... I only signed up ONE Blackham boy! This was a change from last year (Callahan was on two teams, Keaton and Cooper were playing as well). This year, Callahan and Keaton were playing competitively with the high school prep team, and Cooper simply did not want to play, and I decided not to push him. So, Colton was our only Junior Jazzer this year (although Landon is reffing as he has for several years now). 

Colton played on a team with his buddies Randon and Bradley (they always play on basketball and soccer teams together *Ü*) and Randon's dad was the coach.  Sometimes watching kids this young play basketball can be a little painful, and some weeks our little team got creamed, but Colton always said he had fun and loved every minute. He was very sad when the season came to an end.  I had my video camera there for that last game, and it was one of the "good" ones ... if you define "good" as Colton making a lot of baskets. See him in action below!

Colton and Crew 
(we were missing a couple kids for the team photo)

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