Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Birds

A couple months ago, I noticed an article in Time Magazine. It was just a small piece, but it had an amazing photo of a huge flock of starlings. I was caught not only by the picture, but by the caption ... calling it a "murmuration" of starlings. It was such an interesting word, I had to look it up, and sure enough, there were many other documented, and SPECTACULAR photos (see some here and here and just Google it for more). 

Although we don't have quite as impressive mumurations here in West Jordan, we DO have a lot of starlings and at some times it is overpowering to see them all take off, or gather on the trees or rooftops. I snapped the picture above when we came home to find 200+ birds sitting on the roof of our house one day.

They do come to nest at our house - I've blogged about it a couple of times (one here) and I do still see the starlings going in and out of the brick wall behind our house during every season (not just spring). 

So ... if YOU hadn't heard the word "murmuration" (and apparently my spell check hasn't), I thought I'd just point it out. It's amazing ... and it's fun to say *Ü*.  I guess simple "flock" just wasn't good enough. Do other birds have their own words too? I know it's a "murder" of crows ... which does bring me to this little funny to close my post.

It made me laugh!

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