Friday, April 22, 2011

Rearranging Rooms

We built this house when Landon was just over a year old. Landon had never been a "crib" baby, but had slept with us most of the time. When we moved in here, we put a big bed in the room next to the master, and we tried (unsuccessfully) to have Landon sleep there. While we weren't expecting again then, we were planning on having more children, so the crib went into the front bedroom, and it was officially "the nursery" from then on ... (until now) ...

When Callahan came along, it became his bedroom for 18 months, until Keaton showed up. Then Callahan moved in with Landon. When Cooper came, Keaton moved into the bedroom with both older brothers and the baby got the nursery. When Colton caboose came, we finished the basement and Landon and Callahan shared a room down there. Keaton and Cooper shared the upstairs bedroom, and baby got the nursery. Long after Colton outgrew the crib, the room still stayed "the nursery". While it had a regular bed in it as well as the crib, Colton started sleeping in the big bed with his two older brothers (yes, that would end up with some INTERESTING sleeping arrangements, feet in faces, etc ... here's a couple pictures)

We finally did pull the crib, changing table and rocker out of the "nursery" ... we left the twin bed and the Noah decor, and it was still technically Colton's room (his clothes were in the closet), but it was open to everyone (here's the post showing the before/after of that change). It was the "reading" room for Callahan and Keaton, it was a good "time out" spot.

We'd talked about making more of a change ... letting Landon have his OWN room. Landon was the only child who HADN'T had that particular bedroom. Landon wanted the change, even with my caveat that because I need the light from that room to brighten the hallway, I almost always want to door open, and therefore the room NEEDS to be kept clean! So, with Spring Break here, and the kids out of school, we finally made the switch. It wasn't even an official "move" ... it was mainly just clothes from one closet to the next (but that was still a LOT ... it took ALL day). We didn't move any furniture, but I did pull out the Noah decor and got a new comforter and curtains.

Keaton is now downstairs with Callahan. Callahan got a BIT of a change (moving from the top to the bottom bunk). Colton is excited to be officially in the bedroom at the end of the hall, and hopefully sleeping will go more smoothly with only two little bodies in the bed instead of three.

And Landon has his own room ...It's new ... and it's UofU ...

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