Thursday, May 31, 2012

Misc. May

Here's a few random pictures from the month of May ...

Landon has been practicing his driving more and more... which is good, as his learners permit expires soon! As we would come home from Herriman and dropped off the kids in the carpool, I'd have Landon take over to pick Callahan up from school each day. It was also nice to just give the keys to Landon and tell him to pull the car into the garage ...

 The school had a rewards night for the kids one evening. The kids could bring their "principal visits" (given for good behavior) and redeem them for a prize. Colton had quite a few! His teacher always tells me what a good boy he is!

 Cooper had his end of year program at school ... he did great!

I just have to say this traffic light on Old Bingham (taking the back road to the elementary school) frustrates me! The road runs parallel to the Trax tracks ... and when a train is going by, NO ONE gets to go, even those going straight, NOT crossing the tracks.

 We got our vents cleaned out ... they needed it!
Hopefully there will be less dust around the house now.

In a previous post, I mentioned Maga's trifle dessert. Before she made it, I hadn't been aware that all my boys LOVE angel food cake. While I haven't attempted making the trifle myself, I have purchased several angel food cakes, which the boys have devoured. 

 While we were at Maga's (at said Trifle eating party), Aunt Olivia gave the boys MUCH needed haircuts. They were SO shaggy! Thanks Aunt Livi.

Landon is finishing up his Eagle Scout project ... helping over at the neighborhood park, which has had some renovation. Some needed electrical was added, but it left a trench all the way through the park. Landon raised money to buy sod and gathered volunteers to fill in the trench and lay the sod. Of course as they finished that, big trucks rolled in for the building of a basketball court (which my boys are THRILLED about) and now there is another, even bigger trench!


  1. I love just putting pictures on a post. I'm not sure if anyone else does, but I take so many pictures I could do a post like yours more...maybe I should... What a fun month!

  2. It's the third month in a row that I've done a "Misc.Memories" post ... using those leftover pictures that maybe didn't need an individual blog post. Although, if I blogged every day as you do, I probably would need to single them out!


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