Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For the Birds

As you come into our neighborhood, you cross a canal. For several years now, a family of ducks has nested along it's banks. I think the ducks have always stuck around, but this year, they have really made a home for themselves right on the banks. We look for them every time we pass by, and we almost always see them there. I think many people have been feeding them, as they seem to have "expectations" when people walk by. Landon said as he would come home from school, they would come right up to him. One Sunday morning, we decided to go feed the ducks ... (picture above is in the Spring .... photos below are of the grown up ducklings).

Grayson can always get them to eat right out of his hand ...

Great Expectations ...

Landon walked backward along the canal path
All the ducks followed

Even Cooper came!

I've picked up some bread at the day old store
and we've been back a few times.
It's fun to have the ducks so close.
They are lucky ducks ... and fat ones!

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