Saturday, March 31, 2012

Misc March Memories ...

Just a few random photos from the past few months ... miscellaneous memories with not quite enough content to require individual blog posts. Although I still came up with cute titles for each one ... *Ü*

Basketball Boys
Basketball has started up again ... Keaton and Callahan are both playing at Gene Fullmer, and I've decided to try to get back to jogging the track above the court during their games. As I was going around, all the boys on Callahan's team turned and waved at me!   (They did it more than once, so I did grab my camera to capture it on film :) Made me laugh!

Got Milk? 
Mmmmmmm ... chocolate milk!  
The boys really love the "TruMoo" (MeadowGold) brand, 
and it's supposed to be a BIT lower in sugar  ...

Diary Days
I make the boys write in "journals" once a week (you can check out Landon, Callahan and Keaton's ... and mine, I don't ask them to do anything I'm not willing to do myself ... links are in the right sidebar). Journals have always been a big part of my life, so I'm trying to get the boys interesting in recording their own thoughts, and just practicing writing. I love to see what memory from the week is most important to them. I help with the younger boys, and they do like looking back through their old journals.

Skin Stuff
I seriously wish I could just take the entire family to the dermatologist (without having to make/pay for individual appointments), we have SO many little skin issues. Like these marks on Landon, they kind of come and go. Callahan is having some dry patches on his foot again, Colton's legs get a rash that he's had forever, Keaton had a nasty wart on the bottom of his foot (I ended up taking him to a podiatrist for it) and Cooper has had several sores that just wouldn't seem to heal (they finally went away after we bribed him to stop picking at them). 

 Trio Trouble
Colton and his two little buddies ... 
one lives next door, the other across the circle.
I like to call them the "Trouble Trio" ...
more because it sounds cute than they actually are trouble.
Colton ... I think those pants are too little.

 Uno Anyone?
Uno is still a favorite family game. It's quick to get out (no setup), easy to play (even for the littlest ones), and there are so many variations. Uno Spin is pictured above ... we also have Uno Attack, Uno Roboto and Toy Story Uno.

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