Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Cooper went all out ... green shirt, green shorts, green socks. Even his basketball matched. I'm not sure about the collar shirt and the basketball shorts combo, but it's one Cooper does fairly often unfortunately (in red, yellow, blue ... he likes color coordination). Colton was quite sad (he was actually crying) because he didn't have any green pants (how many people DO have green pants?).

I saw SO many St. Patrick's day ideas floating around Pinterest, but St. Patrick's just isn't really a "holiday" I spend too much time on.

We had a family party in the evening, I made some marshmallow brownies (with green frosting) and some green cookie press cookies ... that's about as green as I got!

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  1. Hey Jen
    It was good to see your family at the basketball tournament, and yes my dad, scott and some other dad got kicked out for exessive celebration the refs at that game were absolutely horrific but what do ya do right? Angies cell is 801-209-4721, good to hear from you and hope your all doing well.

    Love Brooke Stocking


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