Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pie Day

While National Pie Day actually falls in January, Pi Day is March 14, get it? 3.14 ... it's much more fun and easy to remember. Occasionally, Gray and I would celebrate Pi Day. One of our favorite mini-dates would be to go to Marie Calendars for a piece of pie.  I'm a little boring, I just get chocolate creme. Grayson would get either razzleberry or lemon cream cheese ... he would always have a hard time choosing between those two favorites.  A loooooong time ago Grayson worked at Marie Calendars. As a cook (pre-mission), then a waiter, then a manager (post-mission).  When we were dating, I'd go in, sometimes alone or with my little brother as my date ... I'd leave a tip of Hershey's kisses, or a $10,000 bar if he was the waiter. I once gave his truck a "heart attack" in the parking lot. Many "Marie" memories ...

It was several months ago that Grayson drove by the restaurant in West Valley (which was the one we would go to) and said it looked closed ... sure enough, it was. They also closed the one in Midvale, leaving the only the one on 3900 South (which incidentally, was the one Grayson worked at).  We haven't made it there yet.

We miss Maries ... especially on Pi Day.

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