Friday, March 2, 2012

More Snow, More Sledding

A couple posts ago, I wrote that we hadn't had a lot of snow... that post was premature. March came in like a lion with a pretty good blizzard. The boys went and stood in the snow and got completely covered in just moments. 
 Callahan was so cold
The hairs on his arms were standing straight up.

With even more snow on the ground, Randon's Razor was again put to good use, pulling the boys all around the park. They went Thursday AND Friday. The bigger boys were invited along too, and they had a blast. I stopped by the park and got some pictures and video. Randon's mom also took a lot of great shots. I made a little muvee  ... it was SNOW much fun!

Of course there was some throwing of snow too ...
Don't throw a snowball at ME!

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